Importance of Product Inspections

Performing quality control on your product ensures that your customer receives the same mechanic and physical aspects as you envisioned.

product quality control planning

Why is a good product inspection important for your business?

Quality control has evolved beyond the simple “we’re going to check every single thing” approach. It has become much more complicated than that. This checklist is intended to help you understand what you are doing to ensure quality:

  • Product Design: Can we make changes to make it better?
  • Code: Do we have a good plan for how the product works and how it will be maintained?• Testing: Do we know what the product will do in practice and could our tests fail?
  • Documentation: Are there any documents or code that need clarification?
  • Manageability: Will our software be easy enough for end users to use and maintain?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking about your product. All of these questions can be answered with a simple yes/no answer. The most important question is, “Does my product solve a problem/are there other products like it?” If your answer is no, then your product isn’t solving a problem at all. Better yet, if another product does exist, maybe it does and you have both satisfied yourself by simply looking past the similarities between your products.

Even if one of them solves a problem better than yours, don’t spend your development budget trying to develop something that doesn’t apply in reality. You won’t get as far as you want and will waste time fixing things that aren’t really broken (also known as “complacency bias”).

Quality control inspection checklist is a system that helps you to identify and fix problems in your product. It can be very helpful in making sure that your product is the best it can be. The purpose of a quality control inspection checklist is not to make something perfect, but to help you identify and fix any issues that are actually present in your product. It’s important to note that quality control isn’t limited to bugs. Quality control inspection checklist often covers issues such as: resource usage, performance, security, reliability and compliance with standards.

QC Inspection Checklist (QCI) covers the entire lifecycle of a product from design to production which includes:

  • Inspecting the source code (Travis CI): design and coding standards
  • Inspecting the test environment (Unit Tests): design and coding standards
  • Testing the code against other products (Transactional Analysis): design and coding standards
  • Analyzing Product Usage (Customer Analysis): design and coding standards

Does my product solve a problem/are there other products like it?