Product inspection for your business

The importance of product inspection for your business

In an age where everything is so easily available, it can be easy to become blindsided by products coming out of the woodwork that you wish to test. This can cause your quality control inspection checklist to become redundant and stale. If your product meets the requirements of your checklist, you can be confident that it will deliver on its promise. However, if a checkbox is checked but not completed, you may face some challenges with the product and its value.

Attempting to address these challenges without a second opinion can result in delayed or missed deadlines and poor customer experience. This checklist is intended for use by product managers who are responsible for quality control inspection at their companies. It is intended to aid them in identifying and prioritizing items which should be inspected for quality control purposes and then to discuss these items with their engineering teams who would then inspect them before release of the product into production. The checklist has been developed by former product managers or other industry experts who have observed this process in action and taken notes on what works well and what does not work as well (and why).

If you’re new to this process, feel free to use as much of it as you would like; however, I encourage all engineers/product managers who are new at this task (especially those with limited experience) to read through the checklist before they ship any products – there’s no sense in wasting time trying to fix something that isn’t broken!